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Annotated Antarctic Book List

  • Front Matter
  • Part 6—DF Cruise Books
  • Part 1—Abbey to Cussler
  • Part 7—Philatelic Covers
  • Part 2—Daigle to Israel
  • Part 8—Ephemera
  • Part 3—James to Pyne
  • Part 9—Potpourri
  • Part 4—Quam to Young
  • Back Matter—Subject Index
  • Part 5—Periodicals
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    From the Library of Billy-Ace Penguin Baker.

    Front Matter lists the Table of Contents, Preface, and so Forth.

    Parts 1 through four lists the books alphabetically by the authors last name.

    Part 5 lists the names of periodicals in alphabetical order.

    Part 6 lists calenders, OPORD/OPLANS and travel brochures.

    Part 7 lists country of origin, in alphabetic order.

    Part 8 lists Christmas Cards, Menus, and Change of Command Brochures.

    Part 9 lists Clippings, Messages and Photographs.

    Back Matter consists of a Subject Matter Index.

    PDF versus HTML

    Each part of my booklist will be listed twice, once as a PDF file which when viewed in the Adobe Acrobat Reader looks just like my printed booklist. It can be opened in Acrobat Reader or downloaded to a harddrive for later viewing and it can be printed if anyone so desires.

    The PDF files take a little while to launch and load into Acrobat Reader, so I have also listed each part as an HTML file. The HTML file loads faster and has a "goto" radio button at the top and bottom of each page that serves as a page turner. For some reason this HTML file will not print. Actually it prints, but I only get a header and a footer and the rest of the page is blank. Also the yellow box (frame) at the top of the HTML files does not contain a list of reference that is supposed to be there.

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